Weekly Diets

Two-Days Cleansing Diet

Two-Days diet will help your body to relax, especially useful after a long holiday feasts and generally useful for any organism from time to time. If you feel fatigue and reloaded – treat yourself to a cleansing diet directly into the next weekend. Before you start, buy your favorite vegetables, fruit and mineral water. Buy a useful carrot – any vegetable – juice (this would be very helpful – just as a necessary mean for a healthy lifestyle), please buy herbal teas – peppermint and chamomile are just perfect and grab a big package at a pharmacy some vitamin C tablets. Like [...]


7 Days Diet

You probably know what I mean – bloated, distended abdomen, discomfort, and no matter how much you do not inhale, the top button and does not close.  Many suffer from bloating from time to time, and the problem appears: gas, abdominal pain and stagnation of the stomach. ”The most common reason for this – a fungus,” says Dr Sam. In such cases, the main villain – sugar. Among other reasons – lack of microbes and beneficial bacteria in the stomach. Also a factor may be intolerant of certain foods such as onions, garlic, cabbage, melons, or dairy products. However, the battle with abdominal [...]