Top 6 Diets That Work Overview

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The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that nearly 1/3 of all Americans are overweight or obese. Many people within the United States live sedentary lifestyles and they might not eat what health experts consider to be a well balanced and nutritious diet. Lack of exercise and the intake of junk foods are also suspected to play a large role with people not being able to maintain proper a weight.

diets that work Top 6 Diets That Work Overview

People who struggle with maintaining their weight should realize that they are able to lose some unwanted pounds and to obtain a healthy lifestyle. There are diets that can help them to achieve this goal. A cookie cutter approach to dieting won’t work for every person because people have unique circumstances and factors that cause them to be overweight. So there are many different types of diets that are designed for a person’s particular level of health and lifestyle.

Even though there are many diets that are designed to aid many different people there are some basic dieting principals that must be comprehended in order to lose weight and to keep it off. The first thing a dieter must know is that they must eat a well balanced meal. This doesn’t mean placing every food group known to man on a plate before eating. It simply means that there should be a variety of foods available for consumption. People who are not able to afford or get certain types of foods should be able to mix up the types they have available.

Dieters should also realize that reducing calories is a sure way to eliminate pounds.

Dieters should gradually reduce their caloric intake. This can be accomplished by reducing or eliminating certain types of junk food (if consumed) and by eating smaller portions. When a person begins to eat smaller portions they will have to make adjustments to this change in diet. They might still feel hungry but if they can continue to stick with the smaller portion change they will eventually readjust their eating habits to fit this new way of eating.

One more thing, health professionals claim that 2,000 calories is the recommended daily amount for most adults, but realistically this may vary from person to person and it will also be dependent on the type of lifestyle that a person leads.

People who are extremely active (and still growing) might need more calories where as people that are not as mobile will need less. Each individual should check with a health professional to determine their specific caloric needs.

Exercise is one sure way to fight calories and to keep them off.

Exercise is crucial to maintaining a proper weight and reducing stress. It is also important for keeping a person’s body system in good working order. Sooner or later dieters will need to perform some type of daily exercise routine to help keep their weight under control, regardless of the type of diet that they are using.

There are the top six diets that work according to health professionals and they include the Glycemic Index diet, the macrobiotic diet, organic diet, Jenny Craig, the Atkins Diet and the Diet Solution.

The Glycemic Index diet is one that is strongly recommended for people who must be aware of their blood sugar levels and carbohydrates because of health reasons.

This diet is best used by diabetics and people that have to maintain optimal health. It focuses on grains, certain fruits and vegetables and plain yogurts. This diet will help an individual to drop weight and to maintain their health in the process.

A macrobiotic diet is a low-fat, high fiber weight loss plan.

Essentially the macrobiotic diet is a vegetarian plan that utilizes whole grains and vegetables. Foods such as brown rice, soy-bean products, beans, nuts, fruits and vegetables are emphasized. The only type of meat that is allowed for this diet is fish but it must be consumed in moderation.

The organic diet is designed to help dieters to lose weight by eliminating preservatives, pesticides and sweeteners from the foods that they consume.

Pesticide-free fruits and vegetables, whole grains, free-range poultry and beef and hormone free milk is what makes this diet unique. This particular weight loss plan can be used to help reduce a person’s weight though it can be rather expensive to maintain.

The Jenny Craig diet is one of the most famous and well known diets in the world.

It has been endorsed and used by many famous entertainers and celebrities. This particular diet assigns dieters a consultant and they get to choose the type of dieting program that they want to participate in. They have to pay for specially designed meals and attend meetings. They also have the option of participating in group exercise plans or they can complete them at home. Being connected to a group of dieters is a great way to keep off the extra pounds since a person doesn’t feel so alone while they’re losing weight.

The Jenny Craig Diet Plan

The only drawback to this program is that it requires a financial commitment to stay on the diet.

Losing weight fast is not recommended by many health professionals but there are some reasons for dropping a lot of pounds in relatively short amount of time. The Atkins Diet is one of many crash diets that work. This diet emphasizes the fact that it turns a person’s body into a fat burning machine. The Atkins diet restricts the use of carbohydrates and encourages people to eat more vegetables and fruits that are rich in fiber. This then forces a person’s body to burn fat as opposed to carbohydrates as their main fuel source. The Atkins diet offers its own meals and own plans at a cost. People who undertake this diet must ensure that they are not using up too much of their fat sources within their body since this could cause their health to decrease.

One of the easy diets that work is the Diet Solution.

This particular plan focuses on fat burning foods and it encourages a dieter to avoid foods that add extra pounds. This plan doesn’t include exercising or counting calories and dieters typically have quick results.

The Diet Solution Program Review

Regardless of the type of diet plan that a person undertakes they should contact their doctor or physician before beginning a program.

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