The Diet After Childbirth

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After giving birth, many women gain weight rapidly. And want to look slim and young mothers again. Here are some tips and advice on feeding slim after birth.

First, include in your diet a lot of different fruits, except, of course, bananas. A predominant grapefruit – to use it for one day. Grapefruit is great to break down fats and vitamins contained in it, improves immunity.

Second, eat more vegetables (potatoes – limited), but do not fry them, cook or eat raw.

Third, meat only chicken without the skin and veal. The fish – low-fat varieties. And the meat, and fish are only in stewed, boiled or baked form. And from dairy products – low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt.

Fourth, limit yourself to the sweet and starchy foods or give up entirely, except for 100 g of bran bread a day and 100 g of pasta a meal once a week.

Next, eliminate fat, grilled and smoked foods.

And the last meal is limited to 6 pm.

Sample menu for one day

Breakfast: 100 grams of bread with a thin layer of butter, a slice of lean ham, grapefruit.

Dinner: boiled chicken (200 g), cut into strips and mixed with almonds (50 g), fried in butter. All salt and peppered, sprinkle with lemon juice and mix with parsley. Spread on the lettuce and sprinkle with soy sauce. For garnish – 200 g of any fruits.

Dinner: 200 g of steamed or boiled fish, 150 g of boiled green beans, heated in 1 tbsp. spoon of vegetable oil mixed with 2 crushed cloves of garlic and chopped coriander, 1 cup tomato juice.

In between meals, drinking yogurt, green tea, juice, water.

It is enough to use these products, giving energy, not fat, and you will instantly feel a change.

In 2 months you can gradually lose 9 pounds of overweight.

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