Lose weight in four weeks

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Lose weight using this diet (3-5 kg), with a stomach tightened and maintain a good mood and alertness. 

The first week

Step 1. necessary goal – is to eat five times a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner, lunch, dinner. Power in this mode will speed up your metabolism, while the body burns more calories at rest. 

Intermediate meal should be low-fat, but nutritious – a sandwich with low-fat cheese, yogurt, fruit, vegetable salad. Accelerate the metabolism, as this is the basic foundation for weight loss.

Step 2. necessary purpose – the rejection of the figure that are harmful to the body products: cakes, chocolates, chocolate bars, alcohol, potato chips, crackers.

The second week

Step 3. necessary goal – reducing the amount of fat in the diet. To analyze this cooking methods: steamed, boil, stew, without oil. Eliminate fried foods from the diet. 

Do not add the sour cream in the first dish, cream in coffee, butter in a variety of dishes. 

Step 4. necessary goal – turn into a daily diet of 1.2 vegetable salad with vegetable oil. Employ the oil that is not refined – pumpkin, olive, sunflower. Sufficient amount of vegetables and vegetable oils not only promote weight loss, it improve the skin and hair, and normalizes the gastrointestinal tract.

The third week

Step 5. necessary purpose – the rejection of any fatty meat. Fish, seafood and chicken breasts – that’s the basis of nutrition. Methods of cooking – with a limited number of oil, high-calorie supplements. 

Step 6. necessary goal – reduce each serving by one-third. That portion, not the daily amount of food. Do not skip breakfast and lunch, and afternoon tea and dinner to eat completely.

The Fourth Week

Step 7. necessary goal – reducing carbohydrates in the diet. To do this, prepare for dinner only fish and vegetable salad. Side dish – temporarily give up. You can eat a small piece of bread. 
For breakfast and lunch may be a small portion of rice, buckwheat, oatmeal, or pasta. Completely from the diet can not be ruled out carbohydrates, as can be decreased performance and ensured a bad mood. 

Step 8. necessary goal – leaving from the drinks only water and vegetable juice. Quantity – 5-6 glasses a day. Fruit juices are high in calories, so we change them for vegetables.

Step 9. necessary goal – exercise. If you combine diet and locomotor activity, it will be the best way to reach your ideal weight. It is very important – to choose the right exercises.   To burn fat in the body fit exercise: jogging, brisk walking, bike, step aerobics – 3-5 times a week for 30-40 minutes.

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