Bananas Are Useful Not Only For Your Health

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Bananas – one of the most popular exotic fruit, which has already become commonplace in our diet.

During these years of bananas has developed a lot of prejudices, some of which – frank myths, and in others there is some truth.

Seven facts about bananas: fruit myths and the truth.

1. A large number of bananas leads to increased levels of blood sugar.

Myth. Like other fruits, bananas contain pectin, and natural sugars, but melons and strawberries has much more – up to 13 and 15% respectively. Bananas are able to raise the blood sugar level by no more than 0.5-1.2%.

A few bananas a day are not able to enrich the body with sugar enough to cause exacerbation of diseases of the pancreas.

2. Excessive consumption of bananas causes an overdose of potassium.

Myth. Bananas, “champions” of potassium, one ripe banana contains about 1100 mg of this element, but the natural potassium is not harmful to health, the more so as a result of ballast substances absorbed by the body adult only 60-65% of the “banana” potassium.

Bananas are useful Bananas Are Useful Not Only For Your Health

3. Bananas prevent weight loss.

Anyone who wants to lose weight, do not have to eat them.

Myth. Just because these fruits are sweet, people feel as though the cause of obesity – in bananas. However, a medium-sized banana contains only 95 calories. Thanks to the polysaccharide dietary fibers, which are not subject to digestion and absorption by the body, bananas cause a feeling of satiety.

4. Bananas do not cause allergies.

It is true. How useful bananas, so the fact that they do not contain allergens and therefore may be present in the diet of young children. Compared with the Strawberries, the risk of allergic reaction is virtually zero.

5. Bananas are aphrodisiacs.

Myth. In fact, the banana is not an aphrodisiac for more than fruits such as pear or cherry. Of course, there is a place bananas in a romantic dinner menu, but this reputation they are required to form rather than substance contained in them. Without exerting a large influence on the production of hormones, bananas are rich in pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), stimulating the brain and increases resistance to different types of stress: that is why they have become indispensable in anticipation of a busy day.

6. Bananas can combat hangover.

This is half-truth. Bananas tend to just “push back” the symptoms of a hangover, so do not take bananas as a panacea. Fructose binds fusel oil, and to secure this effect, “in battle” must then enter vitamin C, but as a banana – fruit is quite sour, nausea and headache after a while returned again.

7. Unripe bananas – an excellent cosmetic.

It is true. Thanks to the glycosides, and linoleic acid, unripe bananas are part of the masks and scrubs, providing soothing and tonic effect. Gruel of unripe bananas – a good tool not only for oily skin, but also in the treatment of various dermatitis..