Crash Diets and How They Work

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Being overweight and obesity have received a great deal of attention in the recent years. As it causes a lot of unwanted and most especially unhealthy results, numerous endeavors to achieve a desirable weight had come out. There are diet plans which provide faster results than others. Thus, a lot of people may get hooked by promises from such diet plans. It’s understandable to expect visible outcome associated with your extreme efforts to lose weight. But we must always consider that results which show to be effective the fastest may also trip up the quickest. This means that you may gain more weight than what you lost the moment you stop practicing the diet.

Let me just make it a point that any diet plan is effective so long as we use it the right way.

Crash diet isn’t as bad as it looks nor as dreadful as it sounds. You can definitely use crash diets in a healthy and still very effective way. Crash diets or fad diets gained popularity due to their rapid weight loss effect. However, it shows scarcity in nutritional content. It limits the intake of caloric foods. Nevertheless, this diet is only intended to go on for several days to a few weeks and is not recommended to be adapted longer than specified. It is a powerful way of losing weight especially for those who consider dieting as an occasion or event comes along.

crash diets that works Crash Diets and How They Work
There are things to consider before going into a crash diet such as your weight, health, lifestyle and the amount of time you can stretch to achieve your target weight. Top these factors with your objective to feel healthier and revitalized, then getting that desirable after-look will be your great bonus. With these in mind, you can never go wrong! Consulting a dietitian or nutritionist may come into play depending on your condition. It may be a cliché but consulting your doctor or a licensed expert would never be removed from all health advices. In some cases, crash diets are accompanied by vitamin supplements, more fluid intake, and some relaxation techniques including yoga, spas and massages.

The frequently used crash diets that worked for a lot of “dieters” have been described below to help you choose your diet remedy.

All of these options have one single commonality – they are low in calorie guaranteeing quick slimming effects:

- The Cabbage soup diet presents a menu which is low in calorie and fats but high in fiber. With strict compliance, it promises an effect of as low as 7 days.
The Lemonade diet is also a cleansing diet. Lemonade detoxifies the body, freeing it from toxins and impurities. It is administered in 10 days with no solid foods allowed. It’s basically a fasting diet.
- The Grapefruit diet is taken for 12 days. In this alternative, you are allowed to eat your basic meals regularly. The trick is, before every meal you are required to eat half grapefruit or drink an 8 ounce glass of grapefruit juice. You can add foods rich in fat and protein to accelerate weight loss.
- The Zone diet was made by Dr. Barry Sears. It provides a balanced ratio of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. The diet is believed to help avoid heart attack problems.
- Atkins diet by Dr. Robert Atkins. This diet provides 4 phases with the concept of changing the metabolism. Carbohydrates are greatly reduced in this plan. The Atkins diet provides a phase which is called the Lifetime Maintenance, this stage is to practice the Atkins diet in your lifetime meal plan to sustain your desired weight.
- The South beach diet was created by Arthur Agatson and dietitian Marie Almon. It has 3 phases limiting what they classify as bad carbohydrates and bad fats. This diet also has a maintenance phase to be used longterm.