Clean Water – the Main Mystery

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Every region has its own water, which has formed a unique composition of minerals and nutrients. When you try a local dish, then quietly feel the taste of local water. It is impossible to express some words. However, the same “unique” taste can not be repeated without the “local” water. Inconspicuous and hardly perceptible in the language of the taste of water, combining with spices, vegetables, meat or fish, creating a culinary delight.

Clean Water the Main Mystery Clean Water   the Main Mystery

Comes to mind to ask friends to send a barrel or two of the local little water. But it is useless. Even if your family loves you so much that some water will be in a local canister on the way it will be messed up completely - come to you with the multiplied bacteria.

When you tried to replicate the recipe, probably poured water straight from the tap. And quietly got the whole “compote” of rust, dirt and the smallest of other edible substances, which carries the liquid pipe. Of course, boiling will kill some bacteria, but contamination from this have not gone away. They are so distorted the right recipe, you do not know “national” soup. But to get water without further additives simple. We only need to open the faucet clean water. Unless of course you have in the kitchen Aquaphor filter

Only then will you get water, properly cleaned and suitable for culinary use.

What is meant by “properly treated”? 

Today there are many brands of filters, which, somehow fight against pollution. However, this fight ends up with mud, along with strong and healthy trace minerals removed. That is, the water becomes, as it is clean, but little use of it. This is connected not with the insidious intent of manufacturers, and a technical challenge: household water filters in the main clean coal blends varying degrees of purity. Only in the filters used Aquaphor fundamentally different way of cleaning. Aquaphor applies particularly innovative sorbent Akvalit, developed and patented in many countries and applied to each filter. 

Keeping the Water Clean for Drinking