Mixed Raw Food Diet

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Mixed Raw Food Diet Mixed Raw Food DietTo understand the meaning of the raw food diet, you need a small excursion into history. Since the middle of the last XX century in developed countries has widely developed so-called system of industrial supplies. What does this mean? To ensure fast growing urban population needed some way to handle food for their better preservation. There were technologies of canning, freezing, refining, etc. And all would be fine, but the application of these technologies leads eventually to the loss of vitamins, enzymes and trace elements. Moreover, for better safety, and to be honest, for a higher profit in the product are often added to undesirable substances such as preservatives, flavorings and colorings. As a result, we have three sheets mistrimmed diet, chronic deficiency of vitamins and biologically active substances and harmful excess of calories in food. Back in the 70s of last century academician noted that the disease “adaptation” (obesity, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, etc.) sharply “become younger”. Today, high blood pressure in 35-40 years, arthritis in 20 years, diseases of circulatory system in childhood – is common.

Western movement for a healthy lifestyle that originated in the 60-70s of the XX century has led to mass enthusiasms in novel ways of food. A separate food, raw food, weight loss, Zen Macrobiotics, proper nutrition and many other concepts were called faddizm. But if you look to the modern principles of healthy eating, you will notice that nutritionists tend to borrow more successful recommendations from these “bizarre,” “abnormal,” “irregular” movements.

One of these movements - raw food diet.

Speaking in a nutshell, the raw food diet – eating it without cooking. It also can be different.

Omnivorous raw food diet , when allowed to use almost all plant foods, as well as eggs, milk, meat, fish, seafood, raw or dried form. Vegetarian raw food diet, as the name implies, allows to use herbal products, and sometimes eggs and / or milk.

Vegan raw food - the most common – is to use only plant foods (fruits, berries, vegetables, cereals, honey, pollen, flower pollen, nuts, vegetable oils, cold pressed, legumes). 

All these trends are divided into mixed and single diets.

Mixed raw food diet means eating at once different products, such as various fruits, vegetables, fruits and nuts, etc.

Single raw food diet (or CME) can be used in one meal only a product of plant origin, for example, only oranges, then after a while just nuts, etc. There has not been without influence H. Shelton with his separate power supply.

Raw Food Diet

All these trends are one thing in common: the desire to eat “live” food. There is logic in this. We all know that almost all vitamins are destroyed at temperatures of 40 º C. And we are preparing not for 40, at 100-150, and even at 250 º C (when baking cakes or roasting meat in the oven). In addition, opponents of raw food believes that the heat treatment of products leads to the destruction of enzymes, resulting in the mechanism of autolysis, improving and accelerating the natural process of digestion. It is also believed that the vitamins and minerals remaining in food after its preparation, poorly absorbed because of changes in the binding states. But the main argument is that raw-foodists, which is formed during heat treatment of a number of new chemical compounds which are not inherent in Life Sciences (trans-fats, trans, carcinogens, free radicals, etc.) that have a truly devastating effect on the human body and as a result effect on diets that work.