Warming Drinks

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There are two types of warming drinks in bad weather: with and without alcohol. The funny thing is that pure alcohol is relatively small, and any of the non-alcoholic, you can add anything intoxicating, if desire. So will tell you about more universal drinks – non-alcoholic.

Tea seems so trite, bored and ordinary, but do not hurry – there are teas that can change this attitude to the ancient drink. In China, the homeland of tea, where many thousands of years of drinking this wonderful drink, it is believed that green tea cools, and the red – warms. Chinese oolong tea is quite different from India, Ceylon, Kenyan, Indonesian and other teas in the same class.

Warming drinks Warming Drinks

The main supplier of red and black teas from China – Yunnan Province, a mountainous region on the border with Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar. Tea from this region has a smoky aroma flavor, and has a good versatility. This means that it is not afraid of vacuum flasks and “inconsiderate” brew in a convenient container, suitable for a base of herbal teas, you can add a bright warming additives, which we now describe.

In essence, this Indian tea – it’s milk and spices, and very strong brew. This drink is called just milk tea. “Masala” is Indian, is a “mixture of spices”, hence the many “masala” for different dishes, and tea. Each region has its own masala. You can try to make their heating mixture. Erase the spices in a mortar or coffee grinder or scroll in a blender, boil them in boiling water for a minute or two, add little milk, a pinch of any black tea and bring to boil. Give the drink a little “rest” and drink. Masala you can take it in a thermos, any milk drink warms very well and nourishes.

Tea is surprisingly friendly with a variety of spices. 

Black tea can be combined with a blend of spices. The best example – the ginger. Ginger tea can be prepared at home or in a thermos. Be sure to use fresh ginger root. Ginger powder can make the drink cloudy. If you want to drink strong – Rub ginger on a coarse grater, but if you need a lighter taste, arrange in a glass of Irish – shred like potato chips.

You’d be surprised – mulled wine is soft! European trends in recent years – a departure from the alcohol, especially outdoors. But mulled wine – it’s so delicious! And savvy bartenders come up with a new drink on the basis of grape juice, leaving the principle of making no change to mulled wine – wine juice replaced non-alcoholic mulled wine. 

Warming drinks 2 Warming Drinks

It was very convenient to take tea in a thermos. There are several details that are worth considering. Not all varieties tolerate prolonged high temperatures. For example, green or sweet red varieties of Chinese and Indian tea may darken and lose flavor floral nuances and delicate taste. For the best fit thermos rough Indian varieties, such as Assam or Yunnan Chinese tea. And for the thermos is good black Chinese tea Puer.

Warming drinks 4 Warming Drinks

The general recommendation for tea in a thermos.

Brew tea in the usual Kettle and pour tea into warmed thermos. Glass thermos better keeps the drink. Ginger and spices can be added to the flask, but remember that they will infuse continuously, so in this case, place a small amount of spices. Tea, buried directly into a thermos filled with boiling water and, after an hour or two will turn into a very strong “brew.” Exception – Nepali tea from Ilam. This is the only tea, quietly transporting long brewing.

Warming drinks 3 Warming Drinks

For fans of black tea may be of interest to the Chinese high-tea Dian Hong from Yunnan province. Tea has a light smoky flavor, bright hues of dried fruits and berries, honey-colored infusion and long pleasant aftertaste. 

How to Make Black Tea Published

Dian Hong is well warmed, it gathers energy from the sun and the mountain wind. This variety is especially dried gently, and tastes like the best grades of Indian Darjeeling, which in England is called champagne of tea.