Water Diet

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Water is the source of life on our planet, and it is not strange that it is deeply involved in the metabolism, bringing heavy material, harmful toxins and providing necessary  nutrients. Having studied the healing properties of water, nutritionists devised a diet based on the use of water, it is called water diet.

Water Diet 265x300 Water DietBased on the idea of water diet - drinking plenty of fluids. But not all people are equal to the amount of liquid. To determine the amount of water daily just for you, it is necessary to carry out some simple calculations using the formula: your weight in kilograms multiplied by 0.04. So with the weight of 50 kilograms per day you should drink 2 liters of water. But do not forget that the water should be drunk only in pure form, that is, no beer, tea and coffee. However, the better, if water is not mineral and aerated, as it causes hunger, and the second – dehydrates. 

Water diet must be observed for three weeks. After this, take a break for three or four weeks, since the subject of this methodology is very heavy in the urinary system and kidneys, which to continue work on its limits is not recommended. 

Nutritionists recommend this water diet during the summer, when the absorbed liquid is derived partly sweat, offloading the kidneys and bladder. Also, doctors, nutritionists argue that this methodology has come “from far away,” first by drinking a half liter of water per day and gradually increasing the volume.

 The water diet is as follows:

In the morning you should drink a glass of purified water (not later than half an hour before a meal), continue to drink water in sufficient quantities throughout the day, “leaving room” for the evening reception, as the last glass is desirable to have a drink before bedtime. 

During the meal should not drink because the water mixes with the gastric juice, makes the process of digestion.

People who follows the water diet, should keep in mind that if their weight exceeds 75 kg, that is, the amount of water you drink more than 3 liters, then in parallel with the diet you need to take vitamins and mineral supplements. This is explained by the fact that the water entering the body in quantities greater than 3 liters, intense washes of potassium, sodium and calcium.

It is also worth knowing that the temperature of water should be consumed within a 20-40C, and below, as the cold water slows the metabolism, which in turn leads to weight gain.

However, the water diet improves the skin, increases efficiency, reduces fatigue and headaches, normalizes intestinal function and blood pressure.