Two-Days Cleansing Diet

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Two-Days diet will help your body to relax, especially useful after a long holiday feasts and generally useful for any organism from time to time. If you feel fatigue and reloaded – treat yourself to a cleansing diet directly into the next weekend.

Before you start, buy your favorite vegetables, fruit and mineral water. Buy a useful carrot – any vegetable – juice (this would be very helpful – just as a necessary mean for a healthy lifestyle), please buy herbal teas – peppermint and chamomile are just perfect and grab a big package at a pharmacy some vitamin C tablets.

Like any short diet, detox diet have their own rules:

  • Do not plan anything – this is not the time to run a marathon or take a crowd of relatives.
  • Drink about a liter per day of mineral or filtered water – about 8 cups.
  • If you are not sure, as in the case of any other diet, consult your doctor.

Day one - sweet day

Start the day with a juicy fruit salad. Choose citrus fruits – grapefruit, mandarin orange or pineapple slices, crisp apple and some grapes.

What to drink: replace the usual tea and coffee to herbal tea or mineral water. If you can not imagine a morning day without hot tea – make a tea with lemon, but no milk!

Take half of a small melon, clean the seeds and fill with fruit salad – again, pick citrus and something special such as kiwi, fresh figs and grapes. Remind yourself that it’s only for one day! 

What to drink: a lot of herbal tea and mineral water.

Same as for lunch, but diversify fruit salad to make it more attractive. 

What to drink: herbal tea and plenty of mineral water.

Before bed:
Many will find that sleep after such a day of fruit is very hard, because you almost feel like your digestive system always works. If this reminds you eat a banana before bed and drink a cup of soothing chamomile extract – if it helps you to relax before bed – read your favorite book.

Drink plenty of mineral water or herbal tea to wash and cleanse the body of toxins. For example, if you were drinking at the holidays a lot of alcohol, it is useful to take vitamin C. Take a couple of pills in the morning, and then 4 a day (one every 2 hours). Anything that does not need fast output from the body.

Second Day - day of vegetables

Fill a glass with carrot juice or other vegetables, season with salt and black pepper, and stir with a stick of celery. Bake on grill 4 large tomatoes, season with salt, pepper and your favorite herbs – basil fit just fine. 

What to drink: herbal tea.

Large salad of your favorite vegetables. Start with a crisp green salad, cut in cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes, green onions, celery, green beans, red or yellow peppers for flavor and color. Season with salt, black pepper and lemon juice or vinegar, aromatic, if you want. 

What to drink: herbal tea and mineral water.

Lightly boil a couple of broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, spinach or cabbage, season with just salt and pepper. If you really want some bright flavor, sprinkle a bit of parmesan cheese.

What to drink: a lot of herbal tea and mineral water or vegetable juice as a breakfast.

During the day:
Take one tablet of vitamin C at breakfast, and drink as much herbal tea and mineral water as you want.

Day three - optional

If you want to continue in the same vein, try one or two days or you can mix the elements of first and second. If you would like to continue, gradually returning to normal diet, try this plan: 

Breakfast - Day One (fruit salad).

Second breakfast - the first or second day (fruit or vegetable salad).

Dinner - the second day (steamed vegetables) + a small piece of chicken or fish cooked on the grill.

You can not stick to this detox diet for more than three days because the body does not receive all the necessary materials. 


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