Ways To Lose Weight – Do Healthy Diets Work?

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Healthy diets work. There is no doubt if you eat mostly healthy foods and avoid unhealthy food you will lose weight. However, I have spoken to people who eat mostly healthy foods but do not lose weight. Sometimes there is an element missing in their eating habits or, more importantly, not missing. There may be one or two food items they are hanging onto that is holding them back. You might need to look at the actual foods you are eating.

One couple I spoke to had healthy diets but both struggled with weight problems. It was not until they had a closer look at their eating habits and cut out some items that they started to have a significant impact on their weight. They both liked chocolate and sodas – comfort food.

They realised if they were going to make any headway they had to get these two items out of their eating habits. They did not trust themselves to eat less chocolate or drink less soda if these two things were in the house. They simple stopped buying them. Their weight took a dramatic dive in a pretty short time. They were also going for walks of an evening, which accelerated the weight loss.

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Sometimes it is easier to avoid the bad foods than it is to replace them with healthy foods, but it is not always as obvious as eating too much chocolate or drinking too much soda or sugary drinks. But it can be. There are often one or two things in our diet that we do not want to give up. This is fair enough, as none of us want to make life completely miserable by having to give up all the food we like. I do not think we have to do that, but we do have to change some of our eating habits. Sometimes, if we want to make a change, it is better to make a dramatic change and then taper off when that change has become a habit.

Here are some foods and habits you might be hanging onto that could be causing a problem:

  • The obvious ones like chocolates, candy bars, ice cream, sugary drinks – great for that quick energy fix or for relaxing in front of television at night
  • The not-so-obvious ones like that extra helping of potatoes and gravy, those extra slices of bread, that piece of cake with your morning coffee, those couple of beers every night

If we are serious about losing weight, we need to look at all our eating habits to see if we are doing things that have slipped under our radar. Look for those one or two things that might be holding you back. Keep eating the healthy foods of course, but try to eliminate those one or two foods or to change those one or two habits that you know are not helping you lose weight. The trouble is, they are often things you really like to do and this makes it harder to change but you may have no choice if you are serious about losing weight.


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